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Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 5 Exciting Places To Have Fun In Kaduna

Top 5 Exciting Places To Have Fun In Kaduna

Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna State, is arguably the second Northern Nigerian city of Kano. Over the decades, it has lost some of its charms to Abuja. However, it remains one of the most interesting cities in Nigeria. First-time visitors often wonder about places to visit or cool things to do but worry no more. We share five exciting places to have fun in Kaduna according to the account by Muhammad Sodiq, a Northerner who has lived in the city for 5 years.

Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club

Sodiq says Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club says it was founded in 2001, and with over four hundred thoroughbred polo ponies stabled, Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club is the perfect place for a nice, lazy afternoon or a weekend of fun. It is located in Maraban Jos, a few kilometres from Kaduna city.

Kofar Gamji Amusement Park

Kofar Gamji Amusement Park was the first amusement park built in the heart of the Kaduna City. Located along the Shooting Range New Extension, it is indeed the most visited place during celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. Sodiq list some of the features of the amusement park to include wide lawns for relaxation, eateries, a swimming pool, and a terrace for couples who choose to stroll hand in hand. The scenic view of the Kaduna River, which cuts across the park, is a pleasure to behold. He concluded.

The Saminaka Resort

Sodiq says: "The Saminaka Resort is the biggest resort in the Kaduna. It is located in Saminaka, Local Government Area, two hours away from the capital, couples can stay at the resort and enjoy horse rides, the swimming pool and visit the mini zoo."

Trapco Amusement Park

Trapco Amusement Park is located along the Kaduna Airport Road, Mando Expressway, Kaduna. Polo training and games take place there. It has a mini zoo with monkeys, baby lions, ostrich etc; car and quad bike racing tracks, eateries and a court for leisurely walks.

Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is one of the most popular places to have fun in Kaduna. Your visit to Kaduna is incomplete if don’t visit Kajuru castle. Sodiq describes his experience at Kajuru Castle: “At last Kaduna has a proper Lounge/nightclub. Proper clubbing was only available in Abuja, Lagos or Port-Harcourt. My first time at The Castle left me with the expression Wow. The service personnel is quite nice and eager to attend to you. The place is set-up in such a way that there are several sections such that you can feel free to mingle from section to section without getting bored.”

Thursday, December 29, 2016

5 Things Flying on a Plane Does to Your Body

5 Things Flying on a Plane Does To Your Body

It is the festive season and it is the period when many people travel from point A to point B. For those who prefer taking flights when traveling, you may not know that flying tampers or messes with your body. Yes, it does. In line with this, we identify 5 things traveling does to your body so that you will be prepared to tackle this bodily reaction on your next flight.

You will feel dehydrated

Dehydration is one of the obvious signs of flying. You will feel your skin drying up as well as your hair getting rough. This is because according to research, your body feels comfortable when humidity is between 40% and 70%. However, when you are in an airplane, humidity falls between 10% and 20%. TO stay safe, drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight.

Jet lag

You will probably be used to Jet lag if you fly regularly. If is a well-known effect of flying. Jet lag means when you are very tired or disoriented after a long haul flight. To prevent jet lag, you should create the right sleeping environment. You can also use ear plugs.

Your taste buds becomes numb

During and even after your flight, you will discover that you will find that the meals you eat are bland and tasteless. This is as a result of your flight. Your taste buds will be restored. But in the interim, you should go for spicy means because they taste stronger.

You might struggle with breathing

If you are flying at high altitude, it means the oxygen level are very low. You might find it difficult to breathe due to the absence of oxygen. You should avoid drinking alcohol because it makes the body less effective in absorbing oxygen.

Blood gathers in your legs

When you sit for a long period of time, blood gathers in your legs. And before you know it, your leg begins to swell. This is because the blood circulation has been hampered. You should take a few minutes’ walk to stretch your legs.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Advantages and Disadvantages of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships

Advantages and Disadvantages of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships

Vacationing is a pastime that is enjoyed by many. While vacations are nice, needed, and important, they can become costly. This cost is often associated with additional expenses such as food, beverages, and entertainment. If you are interested in vacationing aboard a cruise ship, but you are worried about the cost, you don’t necessarily have to be.

All-inclusive cruise ships are cruise ships where just about everything is included. The cost of your drinks, food, and entertainment are often taken care of. If you are wondering whether or not you should book reservations aboard a traditional cruise ship or an all-inclusive cruise ship, you are not alone. A large number of travels wonder the same thing.

When it comes in all-inclusive cruise ships, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages. To determine whether you could benefit from an all-inclusive cruise ship, you are encouraged to weight the advantages and disadvantages each. After you have considered each, you are encouraged to make a decision. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages then an all-inclusive cruise ship may be just what you need and visa versa.

The biggest advantage of all-inclusive cruise ships is that most of your needs are taken care of. As previously mentioned, most all-inclusive cruises cover food, drinks, and entertainment. If you are interested in drinking a large amount of alcohol or feasting on the amazing onboard food, you may be able to do so free of charge. You may also be granted exclusive admittance into movie theatres and video arcades.

To many, having foods, drinks, and entertainment provided free of charge sounds too good to be true. In some cases, it may be. While many of your food and drinks are included in an all-inclusive package, not all are. It is possible that you may be required to pay for your alcoholic beverages. There are some cruise ships where alcohol beverages are included in the package, but on others it is not.

When it comes to food, your food at a sit-down restaurant may be provided free of charge, but your snacks are typically not covered. This often includes snacks or small meals purchased at onboard specialty shops and vending machines. If your snacks and small meals are not covered, you can prevent the extra expenses by eating a large meal. You may also be able to save money by brining your own snacks onboard, if the cruise ship allows it.

As mentioned above, entertainment is often included in an all-inclusive cruise ship package. As with food and drinks, the entertainment is often limited. It is likely that you will gain free admission into a dance or ball, but you will not be able to gamble free of charge. If you are interested in gambling aboard the ship’s casino, you will have to come up with your own funds.

When it comes to the cost of an all-inclusive cruise, there are many travelers who get confused. The cost of an all-inclusive cruise may seem high, but it is often that way to cover the cruise line’s expenses. For many individuals, the cost of an all-inclusive cruise is a great value. To determine whether or not you will save money aboard an all-inclusive cruise, you need to estimate your cost of food, drinks, and entertainment aboard a traditional cruise. Simply by comparing the two, you can easily determine which cruise package offers the better deal.

The advantages and disadvantages of all-inclusive cruise ship vacations are important. By examining each and comparing them to what you want and need out of your cruise, you can easily determine which cruise ship vacation package is right for you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

5 Things to do Whenever You Travel With Your Lover

5 Things To Do Whenever You Travel With Your Lover

You have been planning this weekend getaway with your lover for months. You have made it a secret because you want to achieve the wow effect. However, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t give you the ‘awwwwwwww’ especially if it is a surprise. But wait a second, do you really want to create a big impression on her and get the desired response? If yes, we have gathered five things you should always do when you want to travel with your spouse or lover.

Speak about money

Money can make or mar any relationship whether you are traveling or not. So, before you start any travel plans, both of you should talk about your finances. This is because people don’t have similar budgets and you don’t want to spend money indiscriminately.

Plan the trip together

For a smooth and exciting trip to any destination of your choice, you should always plan the trip together. This is because one of you may be unhappy with the decision your lover makes on your behalf. Planning the trip can also effectively help check expectations.


Any relationship boils down to communication. Telling your partner what you want before, during and after the trip can help you avoid any disagreement. If one of you is spending outside the budget, you should be able to caution them.

Everything can't be perfect

Nothing is perfect because unforeseen incidences happen when traveling. This is because you cannot avoid stressful situations. The way both of you react to them may ruin your trip or enjoy it. So, you should be able to accommodate these frustrations.

Don't Explore alone

Imagine when you wake up and you didn’t find your partner. Where is he? You later find a note that he has gone to explore alone without informing you. You will be infuriated for him leaving without waking you. It is better for both of you to explore together.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Top 5 Secrets on How to Keep Your Valuables Safe in a Hotel Room

Top 5 Secrets On How To Keep Your Valuables Safe In A Hotel Room

Leaving your valuables in your room while lodged in a hotel can be very disconcerting. Whether you have placed it in a safe as most hotels would suggest or you have put it safely in your luggage, you can never be too sure. How safe is the safe really? How trustworthy is the staff? Is the security as tight as acclaimed? An option would be to always keep your valuables with you, but then that might not be convenient as there is the chance of you getting mugged or you misplacing the valuable, especially if you are visiting a new city.

The solution would, therefore, involve a situation where you are in charge of security and in that regard, we have put together pointers on how to keep your valuables while lodged in a hotel.

The safe is never safe

Digital or manual, never succumb to the temptation of the hotel’s safe or locked storage area. Doing that would imply relying on the accommodation staff. A number of things could happen, the locked safe could be broken into or stolen entirely or the safe could get jammed and your valuable would be trapped. Again, never use a safe that requires a key provided by the hotel, as there may be untold numbers of key copies circulating among staff and former guests.

Lock your suitcase

Always lock your suitcase either with numbers combination or with a key lock and ensure the key is with you at all times. Yes, there is a slim chance that someone could steal the entire suitcase, but that is extreme.

Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign

If you care more about your valuables than about your room being cleaned, simply leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and if possibly, leave the TV on when you are leaving for the day. This will discourage people from entering your room when you are not there as they would think you are occupied inside. If you must invite room service, do so when you are available to monitor their activities.

Find hiding spots

There are so many places in your room where you can hide valuables from prying hands. You can hide money and important documents under the carpet corners, taped to the bottom-side of drawers, within a small bag and pin between double drapes, you could even go as far as unscrewing ventilator grates and hiding valuables inside. Basically, the idea is to choose areas of the room that are either not cleaned regularly or are so obscure people won't think to search them. Also, avoid putting all of your valuables in the same place. If you split them around the room, you are much less likely to lose everything if someone happens to find one of your hiding places.

Set the stage

Keep the room and your items very tidy so that any disorder would be conspicuous. This is not to say that you should now leave any valuable items out in the open. Also, while you are rearranging the room, you don’t want to damage or disturb things or areas in your room as you may end up paying to fix what you broke, thereby losing some or even all of the money you were trying to save.

Friday, December 23, 2016

5 Best Travel Packing Tips For Nigerians Traveling This Christmas

Travel packing tips for Christmas

Packing is one of the most tedious aspects of traveling. You have to make sure you pack everything you need and it has to fit within a definite space. It is no secret that a majority of Nigerians travel to their hometown during Christmas and most of these travelers jam all sorts in their bag and end up with double worth of gear, while others pack a bit too lightly and forget vital things like medicine, or even their money.

The measure of a good traveler is not in how light he or she travels, but in how well he or she has packed. Shrewd travelers know how to strike the perfect balance and pack just what they need. We have therefore made a list of five time-tested packing tips, to help Nigerians who would be on the road this Christmas figure out what to pack or not to pack.

Decide on what bag to carry

First, you need to decide on what bag you need to carry. This decision of course will be determined by how long you are travelling for and the number of things you need to pack. It is however always advisable to aim at carrying one bag or box. Do not dwell on the aesthetics of the bag, aim for both stylish and functional luggage bearing in mind what you will use it mostly for. Would a soft hold-all that can be compressed into the boot of a car, for instance, be more suitable than a stiff case? A good short-trip travel bag should always be within the size limits set by airlines for cabin luggage for an out-of-the-country business trips. Avoid bags with wheels as this will limit where you will be able to walk – up and down stairs or across cobbles – and can quickly become a pain.

Make a packing checklist

Although lists work for some and not so much for others, it is vital to create a checklist before packing so you can clearly see what you have on the list that you don’t really need as well as what you forgot. Ensure you compile this list some days or even weeks ahead of your departure date; this gives you time to craft a complete list, and buy any extra items you might need for your trip. Creating a packing checklist is a foolproof way to ensure that you never, ever forget to bring something essential. Keep your final list with you so you can quickly refer to it when you start to look for something or you are packing to return.

Pack sparingly

Packing sparingly allows for flexibility on your trip. Spread out everything you think you might need on the living-room floor or on your bed, then pick up each item one at a time and scrutinize it. Ask yourself, "Will I really use this (the item) enough to rationalize carrying them around all through the trip?" Not "Will I use them?" but "Will I use them enough to feel good about carrying them around?" Pack multi-purpose clothing that you can reuse in several outfits. Again, resist last minute urges to pack extras (like extra pants). Allow extra time before you leave for the airport to vet what you’ve put in your bag. Aim to take at least three items out. You might want to bring back keepsakes or buy more clothes when you’re away, so you need to make sure you have room.

Roll, don't fold

Many travel experts agree that rolling is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Again, they're less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases. Stuff small items, like socks, into shoes, to make the most of space and, if you're going away for a while and really do need.

Pack an SOS bag

This is not saying that you should pack two different bags with the same, exact content. A lightweight smaller bag is ideal, either a little shoulder day-pack or a bag with a strap that can be worn across the body. If you have ever had the misfortune of a lost bag then you will understand why this is completely necessary. Your SOS bag has your necessities in so no matter what happens to your checked-in luggage you are sorted on arrival. So just in case, make sure anything important/special to you gets packed in your hand luggage… just in case.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel For Christmas

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel For Christmas

Streets will be deserted, bustling communes will be quiet and it will seem like a ghost town. This is what happens in some cities because many people are traveling for Christmas. This is a time when homes may be burgled due to the fact that there is no one home. Having someone stay at your house is the best thing you can do. There are multiple benefits for not only the maintenance of your home but making sure it stays secure. But if you can’t find someone, you still have to travel and keep your home safe. With these tips, your home will be safe and you will enjoy your Christmas without any worries.

Tell neighbors you will be away

Even if you rarely speak with your neighbors, it is important to inform them that you won’t be around. This will make it easier for them to contact you in the case of any emergency.

Keep trees trimmed for visibility

If you have trees in your house, it will make it less difficult for someone to break in unnoticed by climbing the tree. So, with the trees well-trimmed, all windows and doors will be visible and will leave no room for the burglar to duck and hide.

Ask someone to check in every now and then

If you don't have a house sitter, ask someone you know to at help you check from time-to-time to make sure everything is fine.

Create the impression that someone is Home

You can create the impression that someone is home by setting lights and television on the timer at night. In addition to this, you can leave a car in the garage. This illusion will make anyone think twice before burgling your house.

Stay available

Even though you are traveling for Christmas, it doesn’t mean you should get away and no one can contact you. It’s important to be available in case of an emergency.

Your turn: What steps do you take when travelling? Share with us in the comments below.

4 Reasons Budget Travelers Should Visit Ebonyi State

Created in 1996, and as such considered one of the youngest states in Nigeria, Ebonyi state certainly cannot be counted first among the most popular states in the southeast region of Nigeria. From its serene environment and greenery to the variety of local foods and of course, the rich culture. However, visitors are bound to have a thrill exploring the locales. In an interview with Ogechi Kalu, the manager of Hotel Geneza – one of the largest hotels in the state’s capital, Abakiliki, shares four reasons budget travelers need to visit the city popularly referred to as the “Salt of the Nation”.

4 reasons budget travelers should visit Ebonyi State
Okposi Salt Lake

Tourist sites for adventurous travelers to explore

There are not so many tourist sites in Ebonyi, and the few available are mostly scenic locations. A popular site is the Okposi Salt Lake, it exemplifies why Ebonyi is called “the salt of the nation”. You find a lot of salt traders there. Others include the Abakaliki Green Lake which is found inside the Ebonyi State Government House, Abakaliki Greater Rice Husks, and the Abakaliki Golf Course for those who love to play golf.

Hotel Geneza, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
Hotel Geneza

Affordable hotels

Accommodation can be a huge factor for budget travelers when considering costs. In Ebonyi state, it is easy to get an affordable hotel, with some rooms in these hotels going for as low as NGN2,000 a night. Hotel Geneza is one of the best hotels for budget travelers because it is affordable and the facility is basically designed to give the guest absolute satisfaction; every visitor is sure to feel at home even if in reality, they are far from home. The hotel offers 24hrs power supply, internet access, and a bar and restaurant onsite. Also, security is a big deal as there are cameras around the compound and guards at almost every corner.

Ebonyi local cuisines

Variety of local cuisines

Ebonyi state is the perfect destination for budget travelers who are foodies as there are a number of local cuisines that would appeal to travelers taste buds. Again, travelers can absolutely eat so much with so little as these meals are very affordable. Most restaurants, especially the local bukkas around the city, even the ones in hotels have main meals for as low as NGN500 on their menu.

Friendly locals

Ebonyi is a peaceful area. The locals are very friendly and hospitable, as such, travelers get to experience firsthand the lifestyle and culture of the people. For those looking to relocate, employment is easily found among the locals.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why Travel Abroad When You Can Visit Calabar For An Unforgettable Christmas?

Visit Calabar for an unforgettable Christmas

December is a time where many Nigerians pack their bags and baggage to visit tourist destinations that Nigeria can compete favourably with. Nigerians travel to choice tourists havens like Zanzibar, Cape Verde, Gambia, among others countries. With the economic recession, you can significantly save by visiting Calabar this Christmas. There is no argument about this picturesque and pristine state. It is Nigeria’s biggest and most attractive tourist destination. Calabar was once Nigeria's biggest slave ports and a key hub where slavery thrive.

Calabar is located in South-South, Nigeria. It is the capital city of Cross Rivers and also referred to as "Canaan City". The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik. So, if you are looking for a wonderful destination beyond travelling, then Calabar is highly recommended. In light of this, if you have few days to spare, we showcase how you can spend these few days.

Go to the Marina Resort

The Marina Resort in Calabar sits on a great historical site, the water mouth of Calabar. It is close to the old slave trade sites where nearly 30 percent of the slaves that left Africa were deported. Presently, Marina Resort is a preserved historical site, an ‘island’ having a cinema house, and recreation center. The slave history museum is located right inside Marina Resort, and you tour the resort to have a fair understanding of Nigeria’s Slave Trade era. You can also enjoy a movie or two at the Filmhouse Cinema located inside the resort. Marina Resort, located at the end of Moore Road, Calabar, is on the coastline of the city, and that is where it derives its name. You can lodge at the Axari hotel and Suites which is just 2.8 kilometres from the Resort. Alternatively, you can any of the best hotels in Calabar by visiting jumia travel.

Visit Afi Mountain Wildlife centre

At the Afi Mountain, Uduak, a tourist who recently visited Calabar with a tour company Dontasha’s world said, “They were shown endangered primates that are kept there at the Afi Mountain Wildlife centre. They include the Nigerian chimpanzee and the most endangered gorilla subspecies, the Cross River gorilla.”

Obudu Resort, Calabar, Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort

It doesn’t really matter if you are a local or international tourist, Obudu Mountain Resort is a must visit if you in Calabar. Some of the delightful activities to engage in are horse riding, the bird watching, the sporting facilities, and the natural swimming pool.

Taste nightlife

Calabar has a very vibrant nightlife. Hence, if you are interested in nightlife and clubbing, nightlife in Calabar is fun as the clubs have amazing DJs. Some of the clubs are Jasper 131 (Marian Road), Mayfair Lounge (MCC Road), Quorum Lounge (Atekong Drive), Pinnacle Nightclub (MCC Road), Pete’s Ville Nightclub (2nd Avenue, State Housing Estate), Bay’s Bar (Diamond Hills), Beverly Heels Club (Calabar Municipal) amongst others. Freddy's, Axari and Tinapa Lakeside Hotel are also among the best places to eat.

Round off by attending the Calabar Carnival

Your visit to Calabar is inconclusive in December if you don’t attend the Calabar Carnival. It is tagged Africa’s largest street party. Describing her experience, Chiamaka Obiekwe said: “I attended the carnival last year and it was a blast. The streets of Calabar was buzzing; it was full of life, colour and lots of people. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions attend the carnival yearly and this is a great revenue-making venture for Calabar. The theme for the Carnival last year was ‘Climate Change’ so the various bands wore costumes and had presentations that represented the theme. It was beautiful.” The carnival events are divided into 4 weeks which include the Millennium Week (1-10 Dec 2016), The Sports Fiesta (12-17 Dec 2016), The TINAPA Family Fun Festival (19-24 Dec 2016) and the Carnival Week (25-31 Dec 2016).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Tips For Those Planning to Travel to the East This Christmas by Road

5 tips for those planning to travel to Eastern Nigeria this Christmas

Natives of Eastern Nigeria who live outside their region are always keen about the Christmas season as it is the one time they travel back home to observe several ceremonies and reconnect with their extended families. They almost always embark on their journey home by road via luxurious buses and shuttles, and due to increase in the number of vehicles heading east, travellers almost always have to deal with traffic jams and gridlocks.

Usually, travelers heading in the south-east direction from the Asaba end get the first taste of the traffic at the Onitsha head bridge before the main course within town where commercial activities add to make the traffic even more frustrating. Seeing as Christmas is here again, and almost every Igbo indigene has plans to visit home, there is bound to be serious traffic gridlock. But not to worry, here are some tips and ideas to help alleviate the stress.
  1. Set out early
  2. The early bird gets the fattest worms. If you are determined to beat the Onitsha traffic or at least cut out a lot of it during your journey. You should make plans to wake up super early so as to leave in time. If you are travelling from Lagos and commuting via public transport companies such as God is Good Motors or Chisco, endeavor to catch up with the first bus which leaves at about 6am. However, if you are setting out on your own, you can actually set out as early as 5am, depending on where you are setting out from. You however need to be vigilant so as not to fall victim to robbery or mugging.

  3. Fill your stomach
  4. Hunger has a way of intensifying stress and making you angry even in situations where you would be angry on a normal day. Keeping your stomach filled helps you stay focused on the traffic ahead, keeps you alert, and less stressed; and makes the traffic much more bearable. Luckily there are hawkers who parade the aisles of the traffic with tasty delights, you can patronize them or you can pack your own food before you set out for the journey. For those who have tiny stomachs and cannot afford to indulge in food, popcorn is a life saver. Eating one kernel at a time occupies your mind while the carbs calm you down.

  5. Listen to soothing Music
  6. Music is food for the soul and everyone has their kind of music, the one that calms and soothes their nerves in times of stress of difficulties. Before you set out on your journey, ensure you stock up on CDs and MP3s. Make sure you diversify the genre as there is no telling what mood you will be in when the gridlock sets in. You might find out that singing along to loud banging music might work better for the stress than slow music. Singing does not only get your mind off the traffic, it also changes your breathing pattern, which in turn lowers stress levels by slowing the heart rate and calming the nervous system. If you are however not a fan of any kind of music, you can simple go for an audio book or a podcast.

  7. Go with Public Transport
  8. Most people prefer to travel in their own private cars, however, it may not be the best option to deal with Onitsha traffic, especially if you intend to get to your destination as soon as feasible. The public transport systems have options that offer maximum comfort similar to that which you get from your own car. Sitting in the car and having someone else struggle through the traffic give you the opportunity to leverage your time focusing on tasks that provide utility or pleasure to your life as a whole. Again, these public transport drivers are aware of certain short cuts and routes (unknown to regular commuters) that help them escape some areas of traffic.

  9. Relax
  10. Saying that the Onitsha traffic is exasperating and infuriating is an understatement. However, if you try to force your way through traffic and carry an aggressive style you will end up stressing yourself even more. When you find yourself at the point of frustration and anger, rather than banging on the wheel, making faces, muttering hateful curses under your breath, try to take a deep breath, as deep inhalation has a way of lowering stress levels, making it easier to deal with the gridlock.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Ways to Have a December to Remember With Family in Your Hometown

5 ways to have a memorable holiday in your hometown

December is a time when many Nigerians leave their abode in the city and hit the road to travel to their hometown. A hometown that is remote and a place that they visit once a year. Although some Nigerians don’t look forward to such an unaccustomed live in the countryside, you can make it a memorable December despite your reservations. So, whether you are travelling to Nnewi in the Southeast or to Zaria in the North, we share five ways you can have a memorable Christmas with your family even if you are in your hometown.

Organise a family reunion

The perception some Nigerians have about visiting their hometown and hobnobbing with family members can discourage you from organising a reunion. But the family is everything. They are the ones you ask for assistance when you need it. Then if you have the opportunity to bring them together under one roof to wine and dine, you should take advantage of it. Invite them to an evening party at your family house. You will get to distant cousins, nephews, and your daddy’s brother’s sister whom you have never met. It is a very good feeling!

Go hiking with your children

You are in your unspoilt village where civilisation is yet to massively encroach. It will be a wonderful moment to go hiking with your children. You show them the town halls, the stream where the village fetches water, and visit places where all you can have fun soaked in joy and laughter. Your children will always remember these moments. A mix of life in the city and in the countryside will give them a better perspective to life. They know that life is not all about the city.

Enjoy street food or local delicacy at a local restaurant

If you grew up your hometown, you know that nearly everything is natural and undiluted. This is why you should enjoy your favourite street food or local delicacy at your preferred spot. You won’t want to leave. This because you get the real taste.

Check out festivals

Because the people who reside in the village know that December is the period where families and friends who reside in the city return home, they usually fix festivals at these time. At the same time, family meetings are scheduled for this period. So, don’t miss these festivals. For example, in some parts of Enugu, they usually have their masquerade festivals in December. You can even book a hotel if the celebration runs into the night. Don’t forget to go with your spouse.

Relive village experience with childhood friends

You don’t just visit your hometown and leave without helloing your childhood friends. In fact, it is an opportunity to relive your childhood experiences. You talk about the shenanigans you engage in over a calabash of palm wine and goat meat. You will return the city a much happier person and your reservation about the village will have evaporated.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick When Travelling This Christmas

5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick When Travelling This Christmas

Getting sick is normal; however, it can be a huge disappointment when you are traveling to your hometown for Christmas. Not only does it take the fun out of the trip, it disrupts your entire schedule and most times, costs extra cash (when you are plagued with severe symptoms and forced to seek medical care outside of your insurance network).

Luckily, while traveling itself, especially by road, exposes you to a whole new range of parasites and environments that could spur illness, there are ways to minimize the chances of getting sick. Below is a list of tried and true ways to keep your body and immune system strong and ensure you do not get sick.

Pack a hand sanitizer and wash your hands when you can

The norm is to wash your hands before eating anything and after using the bathroom, and it is important not to neglect this routine while traveling. Matter of fact, it is even more important to wash up much more frequently than you would normally. Your skin is your first line of defense and your hands specifically are always touching things and then touching your own face, mouth, or eyes, so, keeping them clean protects you from a lot of risks. In situations where you have no access to water for washing up, hand sanitizers come in very handy.

Take immune boosting herbs and vitamins

While traveling, especially if you are visiting a new environment, it is important to pack extra supplements specifically to help keep your immunity strong. You can never be too sure of what you could be exposed to- bacteria and germs, and it is better to face the uncertainty with an ultra-strong immune system. Try Vitamin C supplements. Saline solution and nasal mists are also effective in fighting germs, as they keep your nasal passages moist, which enhance your body's own germ-flushing activity.

Stay Hydrated

The importance of water cannot be overstated. Drinking water is essential while traveling as it flushes your body of toxins, helps your digestion -which is associated with your immune system- and keeps you hydrated. Most times, while traveling or visiting certain locations with dry weather conditions, it is easy to get dehydrated, and dehydration not only makes you more vulnerable to invading parasites and germs, it also makes it harder for you to recover once infected. Also, drinking water ensures the mucus membranes in the nose and throat remains moist and better equipped to fight germs. Note that drinks like alcohol and coffee do not count as good choices for hydration.

Watch What You Eat

Food contamination is a major problem traveler have while visiting new locations. If you are not very careful with the kind of food you eat or where you eat on your travels, you could potentially be exposing yourself to diarrhea, gastrointestinal poisoning, cholera, and other horrible diseases. Try to abstain from random street or local cuisines; look out for signs of good hygiene practice at any street food stall or food court you eat at; and ensure any food you eat is fresh, well-cooked, and served very hot . If possible, try to make your own food, that ways, the risk is less.

Keep yourself engaged with activities

Most people just forget about staying fit or exercising once they are on vacation or taking a trip. Exercise, however, is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy and fight off unwanted infections and diseases, as it improves overall health and well-being, strengthens the immune system, and makes it easier to bounce back from an infection or illness. If you are not active or fit before traveling, start on the trip! Visit the gym room in the hotel, go hiking into a forest or up a mountain, swim in the streams, go for a jog or do anything that makes you heart beat and you sweat a little.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

4 Embarrassing Things That Happen To Nigerian Tourists


Have you ever picked up a taxi on arrival to a new destination only to find that you do not have the complete address to your exact destination or you do not have enough cash on you to complete the fare? Do you remember ever getting shunned by a local while visiting a location for asking certain questions they possible saw as “inappropriate”?

At some point in our visits to new lands and destinations, we have found ourselves caught in one of those dismaying social circumstances that occur unexpectedly, and it is almost impossible to pull through the awkwardness that ensues. These "faux pas" most times happen even without us knowing it and when we least expect it, leaving us blushing with embarrassment for days.

Here are some of these embarrassing situations with the hope that travelers can work towards avoiding them in future.

Faking a horrible local accent

Most travelers try to blend in by faking the predominant accent in the area they are visiting. It could be a Nigerian trying to fake a British accent in the UK or as close to home as an Ibo man trying to fake an Hausa accent while visiting Kano or Nassarawa. While most tourists tend to have that they can pull it off, they most usually do not! And this could lead to very embarrassing situations as some local can even find it offensive seeing as a bashed up accent comes off as mockery. To avoid this, stick to your normal accent, and at best, learn a few local phrases and do not overdo it.

Using the wrong hand gestures

Most tourists who find themselves in locations where they are not fluent in the local dialect of the people or even the accepted official language usually resort to hand gestures when interacting with people they meet around. The thing though is that hand gestures tend to vary as you move around. Innocent hand gestures at home do not always mean the same abroad. For instance, while pointing when asking for directions could be permissible in some location, it could be seen as offensive in some areas as Benin City. It is important to refrain from using certain hand gestures unless you are certain it is accepted.

Get drunk on local brews

While visiting new locales, it is always exciting to try new foods and taste local brews. Some tourists go further to ignore the local warning and satiate their lust for adventure or prove themselves to the locals by imbibing strong local mixtures. Often times, however, these daring tourists find themselves running through the streets naked or doing other things that are bound to embarrass them exceedingly when they eventually come to. While traveling, it is important to seek advice from locals when it comes to trying local brews and also keep in mind that these local concoctions tend to be a lot stronger than the regular branded drinks.

Get arrested for flaunting local laws

Different rules apply in different parts of the world and while visiting a new place, it is important to research and learn those rules as well as specific local laws to avoid embarrassing and even sometimes dire situations. One of these embarrassing situations is getting arrested for something you consider ultimately right. For instance, throwing out the trash on the street could be pardoned in some locations while it could lead to an arrest in other locations.