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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 Beautiful Things About the Fulanis

5 beautiful things about the Fulanis

One of the most malign ethnic groups in Nigeria is the Fulanis of Northern Nigeria. The news that makes headlines about them are their clashes with farmers. Thus, many Nigerians have the wrong perception about them. As such, here are five beautiful things about Fulani people.

They are the biggest nomadic people in the world

There is no argument that Fulanis are the biggest nomadic people in the world. According to research, around 13 million of the 20 million Fulani people are nomads They are born nomads as they walk for kilometres with their cattle in search of food and water.

They have a unique and colourful dress culture

If you see a Fulani man or woman, you can instantly identify them by the way they dress. For instance, in Nigeria, men sometimes wear a hat with three tips on it while the women adorn their hair with shells or use henna to decorate their hands and feet.

The Fulani language is spoken across Africa

The Fulani language is spoken in over 15 African countries. It is also one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria. Hence, it is essential to note that Fulanis are not present only in Nigeria.

They practice Islam

Most Fulanis are followers of Islam. This should not be a surprise to anyone as they are from a part of Nigeria where Islam is the dominant religion.

Their livelihood is weaved around cattle

Fulanis are very dependent on cattle. Every Fulani no matter their status in the society 'must' own cattle.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Top 5 Tasty Nigerian Soups For Tourists

Top 5 Tasty Nigerian Soups For Tourists

Soups are very important in Nigeria as they are usually served alongside swallows like Eba, Amala, Fufu, and Semo. In Nigeria, we have an uncountable number of delicious soups. In fact, as a tourist, you are spoilt for choices. As such, we share the top 5 tasty Nigerian soups for tourists.

Edikang Ikong

Edikang Ikong soup is native to the people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. It is prepared with a lot of pumpkin leaves, water leaves and assorted meat as well as beef. It is quite nourishing.

Efo Riro

Efo Riro is a rich vegetable soup that is widely prepared among the Yorubas. The vegetables that can be used to cook this soup is Efo shoko(Green Amaranth). If this is not available you can simply use spinach.

Bitter leaf soup (Ofe Onugbu)

Bitter leaf soup is very popular in Eastern Nigeria. The name bitter leaf soup can discourage you from eating it. This is not the case as the traces of bitterness is removed by squeezing and washing the leaves several times.

Miyan Kuka

This soup is made from baobab leaves. It is mostly eaten in Northern Nigeria. Hence, when you find yourself in that region, make sure you have a plate of Miyan Kuka with Tuwo Shinkafa (mashed rice).

Abak Atama

Abak Atama Soup is a delicious soup popular amongst the Ibibios of Akwa Ibom. The name is derived from the two main ingredients- Palm Fruit Concentrate (Abak) and Atama Leaves.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ibadan Misconception Disproved

Ibadan Misconception Disproved

The perception Nigerians have about the city and people from Ibadan is bad and quite wrong. The city and people have been repeatedly maligned. They are branded local, uncivilized and old-fashioned. This is absolutely wrong. But, according to social norms, when you keep saying the same thing about people or a city and their way of life, such statements, whether they are true or not become acceptable. In line with this, we discuss the magnificence, beauty, and culture of the city called Ibadan to help dispel or disprove some of this perception.

About Ibadan

Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo State, Nigeria. It has a population of over 3 million and arguably the largest city in West Africa. In addition to this, it is the most populous city after Lagos and Kano. In addition to this, Ibadan used to be the headquarters of politics in West Nigeria. Ibadan, unlike Lagos, is very conservative and it is a perfect place to getaway.

Places to Visit

Cocoa House

Before Nigeria became obsessed with PMS, the nation focused on agriculture. The South West had cocoa which was well cultivated long before oil. The Cocoa house is a symbol of the impact of Cocoa had on South West, Nigeria. It was built by late Obafemi Awolowo in the 60s. This building is the first skyscraper ever to be built in Africa and it was constructed from the proceeds of cocoa sold for export.

Mapo Hall

Mapo Hall is a monument you can’t miss in Ibadan. It is located next to the Bere Market in Ibadan. The building, which was just recently refurbished is a home to the courts and visitors who will be wowed by the outstanding pillars and the general structure.

Agodi Garden

Agodi Garden is a wonderful park in the heart of Ibadan. It covers over 13 acres of land. It has a zoo, forestry, love garden, and recreation. The view of the Agodi Garden is spectacular.

The Bower’s Tower

The over 60 feet tall tower is on the hill top of Oke Are in Igbo Agala (Agala forest) area of Ibadan. It is the highest hilltop in the city and it has about 47 spiral staircases. The tower gives a panoramic view of all the important places in the ancient city.

Old Oyo National Park

The Park sits in the north-western part of Oyo State and it is about 160 kilometres from Ibadan. It has an area of about 2,500 square kilometres and harbours a wide variety of wildlife. It is a place to relax and have fun.

Hotel to stay

One of the popular hotels to reside in Ibadan is Owu Crown Hotel. The hotel is a first class hotel located in Monatan, Iwo Road highway, off the Lagos-Ojo Expressway. The Marketing Manager of the Hotel, Ayotunde Fabamwo said: “Owu Crown Hotels Ibadan is the only international hotel operating in Ibadan and is designed to extend warmth and hospitality combined with the local Nigerian flavour to visitors. The location is also in good proximity to local amenities such as the airport, motor parks, banks, shops and service stations.

“The hotel’s facilities include 80 rooms, suites, and apartments, an all-day dining room with its own private dining area, suitable for family gatherings or business functions in addition to a lobby bar and pool bar. The rooms are fully air- conditioned, with WiFi internet access, cable TV etc. Additional facilities include swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, business center, and restaurant, private dining and lounge bar.”

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

9 Must Know Tips to Help You Fly Like a Pro For The First Time

9 tips to help you fly like a Pro

Doing something for the first time can make you very nervous and anxious. It is even worse if you are boarding a plane. Although the experience may be pleasant, the unpalatable things you have heard about flying may scare you. Beyond this, there are other important things that can disrupt your flight which you are probably unaware of because you are flying for the first time. In line with this, we share nine things first-time flyers must know to enjoy their flight.

1. Arrive at the airport super early

Whether you are travelling within or outside Nigeria, you should arrive at the airport super early. This will help calm your nerves. But if you are first time flyer and you arrive late, you would be disorganized and uncoordinated. Consequently, you may miss your flight. Alternatively, you can arrive a day earlier and lodge in one of those airport hotels.

2. Keep your carry-on bag small and light

You should carry a portable bag where you can keep your valuables like passports and other important travel documents. It is easier to reach, anytime you need them.

3. Get in your seat and power down

You do not need to show everyone on the plane that you are a first-time flyer. It will simply reveal your stupidity. When you get on board, choose your seatmate carefully, sit and switch off your phone or place it on flight mode.

4. Do not tip indiscriminately

There is nothing wrong with tipping. You can if you want to. However, don't just tip everyone that demand money from you. You may end up tipping them with all your pocket money.

5. Avoid junk food

Eat proper food, not junk. You do not want to throw up at the airport or on the plane. It is highly possible that you may throw up because you are overwhelmed or anxious.

6. Don’t carry cash

It is not advisable to carry cash when you are flying let alone for the first time. You may lose your money. Before you travel, contact your bank to know how you can get an ATM card that you can use anywhere in the world. Besides, if you want to carry cash, do not carry too much cash.

7. Do not patronize touts to exchange money

There are all sorts characters at the airport. So, be careful who you deal with. Never patronize touts especially when it has to do with currency exchange. They may change the money at a higher rate or give you fake currencies. There are bureau de Change wherever you are travelling to.

8. Bring your headset

Your headset will keep you company when you are bored or anxious. You can listen to your favourite music. This will distract you from your worries about flying for the first time.

9. Don’t be fearful

Do not think about all the stories you have heard about flying. You should believe that nothing will happen. If you dwell on it for too long, you may end up not travelling. It is not easy but you have to ditch your fear or paranoia.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4 Reasons to Visit Owerri This Easter

4 Reasons to Visit Owerri This Easter

Owerri is located in the heart of Igboland in Eastern Nigeria. It is the capital of Imo state and one of the most tourists friendly state in that part of the country. As Easter beckons on us, so many people will be searching for destinations to visit and getaway. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency recommend that you include Owerri to your Itinerary. We share reasons why you visit Owerri during Easter.

You can fly to Owerri as they have the Sam Mbakwe Airport which is about 14 miles (23 km) south of the city. That is if you do not want to go by road.

There is so much to do

You must have heard about the statue of Jesus Christ in Imo State. It was modelled like the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It is located at St. Aloysius Catholic Parish, Abajah and it has a height of 28ft. You can check out the statue. Besides the statue, you have the Oguta lake, Nekede Zoo, Owerri Amusement park, and Mbari Cultural and Arts Centre among others

It is inexpensive

You don't need to break the bank to travel to Owerri. It is inexpensive to explore the many tourist attractions in the state. It is devoid of all the shenanigans of a typical city like Lagos. In fact, you can book a hotel for as low as 3,000. Wow!

Owerri is always animated during Easter

For Igbos who didn't travel home in December, Easter is the only opportunity they have to go see his/her people. Hence, Owerri during Easter, Owerri is bubbly and lively and their hospitality and warmth won't allow you to return to your abode.

Ng-ofe-oweri tasty food

Tasty Meals

The gastronomic endowments of Owerri are one of the best in South East Nigeria. You will salivate when they serve you the indigenous Ofe Owerri. This is the most widely eaten soup in Owerri and it is usually eaten alongside Akpu. Just ask a local to take you to the best restaurant in town for you to have a taste of this soup. You will lick your plate. In fact, without tasting this soup; your visit to Owerri is incomplete.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

5 Simple Beach Hacks For Beach Lovers

5 Simple Beach Hacks For Beach Lovers

The beach is an amazing place to have fun and relax with your either your friends or significant other. But if you truly want to have an unforgettable time at the beach, and avoid regretting going, here are some beach hacks to ensure that you enjoy every second you spend at the various beaches in Lagos including Elegushi, Eleko, and Kuramo. The only thing you need to do is to take certain small items along with you to the beach.

Rub baby powder to get rid of sand

The beach sand is one of the annoying things about going to the beach. In some cases, it may be impossible to remove the sand when it sticks to your leg and foot. You can rub baby powder on your legs to prevent the sand from sticking. Also, you can use the same baby powder to get it the sand off.

Bring slippers. Don’t walk barefooted

Sometimes the beach may be unbearably hot that you find it difficult to walk. So, never forget to bring along a flip flop. This will also prevent you from walking barefooted when you remove your boots, sandals or simple wear. It is easier to just wear slippers.

Use balloons to unblock ears after swimming

When you swim or dive in the beach, it likely that your ears will be clogged or blocked with water. So, rather than using your hand to hit your ears to remove the water, you can inflate a balloon several times to unclog your ears.

Deal with sunburn with fresh aloe vera

When you expose your skin to the sun for a long period of time, it burns and turns red. So, if you are sunburned at the beach, you can use fresh aloe vera to smear the sunburn spots. You don’t need to worry.

Keep your wallet, keys, and cell phone

You can’t leave your money, phone, and wallet at home because you are going to the beach. You have to get creative and develop your own exclusive beach locker. Whatever you come up with, ensure that your valuables are not stolen.If you are staying in one of the best hotels in Lagos, you can leave them in the room.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Good Business Travel Insurance For a Worry-Free Trip

There are times when you need to go out of town and to another country for business reasons. This often happens if you're an executive or a high ranking official of an organization or company. If you're one of those 'important' office personnel, you should make sure that you don’t travel without business travel insurance.

Now, why is that? Well, suppose you urgently need medical assistance abroad. Your employer is not present and the medical bills will be shouldered by you alone. What if you don’t have enough money to pay the medical bills? But if you have business travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

There are also other situations wherein a good business travel insurance can benefit you especially if you're a self employed individual on a business trip. For instance, you become a robbery victim. Your lost valuables may cost a lot but since you have business travel insurance, the insurance provider will take care of your stolen things.

Before choosing any business travel insurance, you have to check with the country of destination if the insurance is acceptable there. You can also ask the insurance provider about this matter. Remember, if the insurance cannot be used in the country that you're in, all medical and emergency costs will be shouldered by you. Business travelers need a specific business travel insurance because the policies differ from one another. You can find worldwide, backpacker, and specialty policies that is a variation of the business travel insurance.

Simply follow these things and you can find good business travel insurance:
  1. When you're comparing several insurance policies, you need to look into the cover benefits, product features, and exclusions. Do not focus mainly on the policy's price.

  2. Give yourself time when choosing an insurance policy. This way, you can cancel a policy if you realize that it does not meet most of your needs. Don’t worry because you can refund your money afterwards.

  3. You have to choose between a single and annual travel insurance. If you're going abroad on one occasion only, you'd better go for the single travel policy. But if you need to travel several times within a year, choose the multi-trip annual insurance.

  4. By choosing the multi-trip annual travel insurance, business trips conducted during weekends can still be covered.

  5. Tour operators and travel agencies often give special offers to their clients. Remember that you should not jump into any of their promo offers unless your business will benefit from it.

  6. Whenever you're traveling, it would be best to bring a copy of the insurance policy and the helpline number. Keep it somewhere safe; not in your wallet.

  7. Good business travel insurance should have medical coverage. Try to understand the coverage of the policy.

  8. If you're the boss and you're sending your employees abroad for business trips, you need to have them insured as well.

  9. While you're looking for good business travel insurance, why not consider getting one that also covers car rental.

  10. Be sure that you choose a provider who's been in business travel insurance for quite some time now. The company should have a good reputation and entertains customer's questions.
By following these things, you're bound to find good business travel insurance. Start your search now and the next time you travel, you can relax and enjoy the trip without any worries.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

6 Ways to Cope With The Closure of Abuja Airport

How to cope with the closure of Abuja airport

The Federal Government of Nigeria has finally closed the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja for much maintenance and repairs. Hopefully, it will be reopened on April 19th. Although quite a number of Nigerians and foreigners have expressed reservations about the closure, the safety of passengers should be the ultimate concern. Hence, the Federal Government has no choice than to shut down the airport. Expectedly, the FG has made arrangements to ferry passengers to Abuja. So, if you have anything to do in Abuja, Jumia Travel, the leading online booking agency shares ways to deal with the closure of Abuja airport.

Let your mind be at rest

The main concern of travelers and tourists about Kaduna is security due to recent events in the city. However, the Federal Government has assured passengers that they don’t need to worry about their security. The distance from Kaduna Airport to Abuja Airport by road according to Google map is 242.6 km (3h9m). Different security apparatus will be on the way all through your trip. So, let your mind be at rest and believe that nothing will happen. Kaduna has always been a safe and secure city.

Reduce your luggage

If you are traveling to Abuja for now, you should reduce the amount of luggage you carry. The stress of getting your luggage at Kaduna airport, then loading them into the bus coupled with the 3-hour travel can be unbearable. To cope with this, you should only carry essential items. Doing this will stop you from paying anyone to carry your luggage.

Make your own transport arrangement

You can also make your travel arrangement from Kaduna to Abuja. It is not compulsory to go with the buses provided by the government. So, if you have a friend who is familiar with the Kaduna to Abuja route, put a call through to him to pick you up at the Kaduna airport.

Travel by road

Some travelers may not be too disposed to fly to Kaduna en route Abuja. Then, your best option is to travel straight to Abuja via road. It is even cheaper to travel via road than flying. But, safety is always a major worry.

Avoid evening travel

You won’t like to be on the Kaduna road in the evening or wee hours of the night traveling to Abuja. Even if you get to Kaduna airport in the evening, delay your travel until the next day and spend that evening in a hotel.

Book a hotel close to Abuja Airport

You should book a hotel close to the airport to reduce the stress of arriving at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport and then you start another journey to your hotel. If you don’t know which hotel to book, Jumia Travel can conveniently help you search for hotels near Abuja airport.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 Reasons to Dine in a Lagos Hotel

5 reasons to dine in a Lagos hotel

Make this vow for better dining: I will eat in a Lagos hotel restaurant at least once a month from henceforth. Say it loud, mean it and you will be rewarded with better meals and richer travel experiences.

Quite recently, I visited one of the popular hotels on the Lekki Peninsula, LilyGate hotel for dinner and I had the most fabulous experience. Perfectly situated in the sumptuous surroundings of Lekki Phase 1, Lilygate hotel effortlessly fuses glamour with contemporary twists and is a good representation of a typical Lagos hotel. And here are five reasons why anyone should dine in a Lagos hotel.

Food is Incredible

The food at the Lilygate, as it is in most Lagos hotels, is incredibly sumptuous and most importantly, is of a wide variety. From local cuisines to intercontinental featuring inventive dishes, inspired by the unexpected intersection of global flavors, e.t.c, there truly is something for everyone on this menu. You can actually afford to be as adventurous with your choice of food. Usually, overseeing the hotel restaurant is a seasoned chef and as such, the food is quite tasty as well.

Lilygate Hotel foodLilygate Hotel food
Lilygate Hotel African platterLilygate Hotel African platter

Service is Impeccable

Most of the good hotels in Lagos tend to hire the “crème de la crème” in hospitality management and staff. As such, you are bound to be taken care of by some of the best hotel staff in the industry. At Lilygate, the staff were attentive, polite and extremely helpful especially when it came to menu selection, I definitely was tempted to order almost everything.

The Surroundings

The physical structures of most Lagos hotels are quite aesthetic with a generally enveloping ambiance. Lilygate boasts of a beautiful building, which would please any architecture lover and the restaurant is arranged in a very classy style which would appeal to the class of people who live in the area within which the hotel is located. Basically, the environment is peaceful and elegant and is perfect for an evening of contemporary dining in a refined space.

Lilygate Hotel swimming poolLilygate Hotel swimming pool
Lilygate Hotel restaurantLilygate Hotel restaurant

Interactive and Informative

Before I went to dine at Lilygate, I was able to call them to find out what they had on their menu, discuss details of the menu, make sections ahead of time and and to make reservations. The correspondence was quite impeccable and this is the practice with most hotels in Lagos. This makes for a delightful experience, successfully engaging diners in an interactive meal.


Although the meals may seem a little expensive, it is important to factor in the generous portions and excellent service, Basically dinning in a Lagos hotel is an excellent value.

Lilygate Hotel entrance hallLilygate Hotel entrance hall
Lilygate Hotel banquet hallLilygate Hotel banquet hall

Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Popular Meals Enjoyed in Kano

5 Popular meals enjoyed in Kano

Kano, a popular city in the Northern region of Nigeria offers numerous attractions for tourists across the world. And besides visiting the tourist-worthy sites, travelers can also enjoy tasty traditional food of the north. Although, the food of the region is not considered as the primary reason for its popularity, but one cannot ignore the fact that the Northerners have contributed richly to Nigeria’s national food identity.

No matter the time you have chosen to visit Kano, you will get the chance to enjoy best traditional food in the area. The good thing is that most of the traditional foods have very rich and unique taste. It has a lot of unique spices like Thai or Indian food and most contain cereal including rice, millet, and corn as main ingredients, which are all healthy. They are also served across the area in dining outlets like food courts, hotels, restaurants, canteens and roadside dining shops. Below, we share a few famous traditional foods of the Northerners.

Tuwon Shinkafa

This mouth-watering dish is possibly the most popular foods in the Kano. It is also very palatable and widely embraced by other cultures in the country. The meal consists of thick rice pudding and spicy sauce. If you are visiting the region, try this meal to broaden the spectrum of your taste. And once tried, you may find it hard to resist the temptation of re-ordering.

Pate is a popular meal in Northern Nigeria


A dish usually prepared with ground corn or rice, cooked with vegetables, tomatoes, onions, pepper, garden egg, locust beans, groundnut, biscuit bone, meats minces and sometimes, assorted meat parts, Pate is largely consumed not just in Kano, but also in Kaduna, Nassarawa, Plateau and other Northwestern states. This dish is primarily porridge and is an all-time favorite liked by almost all age groups.

Miyan Kuka

Miyan Kuka

Miyan Kuka is certainly the most famous northern Nigerian soup and translated as “Boaba leaf soup”. The green draw-soup is made from ground baobab leaf and special spices, preferably ‘yaji’ - a mixture of ground pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings/herbs.


A traditionally made couscous meal commonly eaten by people in Kano, Brabusco is loved and enjoyed by many. Usually paired with spicy stew of meat and vegetables, its rich ingredients categorize it among luxurious dishes in the region.

Tuwon Dawa

This is a side dish made with ground guinea-corn made thick and cassava. It is best eaten with soups like Kuka and okra. This meal is unique majorly because it is best prepared with firewood.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

7 Things to do in Abuja if You Are in a Rut

7 things to do in Abuja if you are in a rut

Everyone knows that Abuja is not the bubbliest destination in Nigeria. There is a high chance you will be trapped in absolute ennui when visiting and you do not have the right people to hang with or know the right places to go. What then do you do when you’re stuck in a rut in Abuja?

With these suggestions below, Jumia Travel reveals 7 things you can do in Abuja if you are in a rut.

1. Check out Aso Rock presidential villa

The most populous structure in the city, Aso rock is a great place for anyone to check out when stuck in a rut. Measuring about 936 meters above the sea level, the rock overlooks the official residence of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And so, while there is restricted access, it would feel great actually seeing where the president of the country resides.

2. Give yourself a mani/pedi

This is not restricted to the female folk too. It is hard to feel miserable while cleaning and painting the nails…mostly because it is really hard to feel unhappy when pampering yourself. Some of the best spots to get the most luxurious treatment include the Nail Bar, Bold and Beautiful Salon/Spa e.t.c

3. Watch a movie at Silverbird

Similar to reading, movies have the opportunity to transport you to a world of your imagination , and make you almost forget you were in a rut in the first place. Silverbird entertainment center located in Abuja’s Central Business District offers not just cinema where you can watch the latest movie, but also eateries, games arcade, and a host of shops where you can get things for yourself and love ones.

4. Spend an afternoon millennium park

The Millennium Park, the largest public park in Abuja is certainly a park for everyone and with good reason. It’s not just the open green space and gorgeous setting featuring a pool, beautifully structured walk way and play toys for kids, there are usually a number of awesome free activities hosted on the venue too.

5. Meditate for a day at Gurara falls

If you are also seeking a little peace and serenity in your life, spend a day at Gurara falls. One of the most iconic nature spots in the country with a waterfall that spans about 200 meters across and drops 30 meters below, it is a hidden gem to be explored.

6. Throw a party

Even if you are visiting for the first time, it is actually easy to pull off a party. All you need to do is find a good location and tweet out for people to meet you up for free drinks, before you know it, you have a party. Alternatively, you can go to instamessage and search for people near you. Basically, throwing a party when you feel stuck is usually a good idea.

7. Explore the old Abuja Zoo

Check out the wildlife at the National Children's Park and Zoo at Asokoro. Looking at animals and interacting with them can be quite fun and soothing, as well as a good distraction.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Technology Tips For Travellers

Technology Tips For Travellers

If you’re a tech head like me then choosing the right bits of kit to take with you when traveling is a very important decision. I like to be wired into the world and well entertained when I am sitting on a 12 hour train ride or some hotel room on a stopover – it makes the time pass much faster and I can actually get some stuff done. But what should you consider packing for your trek and how can you possibly fit it all in?

As with any type of packing for travel, selecting which pieces of technology to take with you should be determined by weight, size and utility. Less is more! That means taking the smallest and lightest of everything you need.

If you want some computing power on your travels, then a laptop would be the obvious choice. But do you need all the computing power that a laptop can give you or could you escape with just using a tablet or a PDA? When you are lugging around 6 pounds of laptop for miles and miles, the thought of a nice little 200 gram PDA become mighty attractive. If word processing is the main reason for taking a computer then consider a PDA with a fold out keyboard or even your Smartphone. You will be thankful for the weight and space it saves. Alternatively some tablets are more powerful than many laptops and offer the same software options so that might be one other consideration.

Your camera is another consideration. Do you need the 35mm SLR with 4 spare lenses? Unless you are going somewhere that justifies the weight of that, then you might be better off with any of the myriad of small digital cameras available on the market. Many of the newer models have good quality of shots.

If you desperately need music, then consider any type of MP3 player that can double as a digital photo storage device. iPods are a good choice and nice and light and the fact that you can store any data such as digital photos on them means you can cut down on packing other storage devices.

One of the big things that you are really going to need for all of your gadgets is insurance. Aside from the fact that a person with a lot of gadgets has a lot more to lose when they get robbed, stuff also gets knocked around a lot when you travel. Make sure you get insurance that covers you for the cost of a new replacement of anything that is lost, damaged or stolen.

A few minor considerations at the time of purchase can save a traveler a lot of heartache with gadgets. If you can describe your gear as small, light, useful and insured then you should have a pleasant trip!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

4 Ways Nigerians Can Take a Luxury Trip Abroad Without Spending a Fortune

4 ways Nigerians can take a luxury trip abroad without spending a fortune

The current situation of the Nigerian economy has dampened the hearts of so many citizens and curtailed a number of their activities…especially traveling. Even those who normally would travel in luxury are now thinking twice about hitting the road. A vacation filled with private jets, luxury accommodations, champagne and fancy food, however, does not have to be a far-fetched fantasy. There are ways Nigerians can travel like a millionaire without having to sell their plots of land or sabotage your credit score. We share four travel tips to add a little grandeur to your next getaway without breaking bank.

Travel in the off-season

A perfect way to travel like a millionaire is to stay in Luxury hotels or resorts off-season. Vacationers who visit during the off-season stand to save a lot at this idyllic locale. The views are the same, the accommodations are the same, but the prices are most usually slashed in half. From mid-January through April, are usually cheaper that mid-April through Dec. So, unless you are set on enjoying a particular celebration of holiday in Luxury, it makes sense to visit when rates are more affordable.

Consider countries where the dollar is worth more

Take a trip to exotic locations in South America, Africa, Asia or India rather than the U.S., Canada or Europe. These locations have food, attractions and accommodations that typically cost a lot less and the exchange rate falls will usually fall in your favor. The Luxury experience in these areas are not only superb as the environs are most usually picturesque, you get to experience opulence at very minimal costs.

Go for a resort apartment

Instead of booking fancy luxury hotels where you will have to pay for room service, food, laundry, etc., rent an apartment. The process of finding and renting a resort apartment is not a tedious one, you can find a list of resort hotels that offer this type of accommodation for the destination you have in mind online. You will also see lots of reasonable rates, as well as peak and off-peak deals. With a resort apartment, you can go shopping for groceries and cook your own favorite meals at a cheaper rate and if you must dine out, you will find numerous restaurants, coffee shops and around the area. You get to save a whole lot of money and enjoy the luxury of a resort.

Schedule your flights at the right times

The cost of transportation is a huge item on any traveler’s list as it is usually one of the most expensive parts of any trip, including luxury vacations. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize costs! Like your favorite high street store, airlines have periods when they do sales or kick up promos which are usually favorable to all range of customers from first class to economy, try and book your flight around those periods. Also, you will find that airlines drop their prices to destinations that are not very popular, you can decide to route your flights in such a way that you can take advantage of this variation in the ticket price. Finally, going on a luxury trip does not imply that you must travel first-class. Instead, buy an economy ticket, save some money and spend it having much more fun on your luxury trip.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Top Local Brews to Try in Northern Nigeria

Top Local Brews to Try in Northern Nigeria

The Northerners are not particularly known for being enthusiastic drinkers, but surprisingly, they have quite a number of special local brews – alcoholic and non-alcoholic - which placate their thirst. While most of these brews have been influenced by the different cultures that have migrated into the country through the years, there are certain drinks that still stand out as purely indigenous to the region

From soft Zobo leaves and Millet made drinks to pub-favored shooters, we have a list of local drinks that are must-try when you travel around Nigeria.

Palm wine

Palm Wine is possibly the most popular local drink in Nigeria is quite consumed in the north and sometimes, even plays a role in traditional celebrations. An alcoholic beverage from the sap of various species of palm tree such as raphia palms (Raphia hookeri or R. vinifera), the oil palm (Elaeis guineense), palmyra and coconut palm. It can be consumed in a variety of flavors varying from sweet unfermented to sour fermented and vinegary alcoholic drinks and it is very nutritious.


An alcoholic drink also popular in the middle belt region of Nigeria, Brukutu is a local brew made from fermented sorghum and other protein enriched grains. Also known as BKT, it is produced traditionally through a method that involves malting, mashing, addition of an adjunct, fermentation of sorghum using an old brew as a starter culture for 48 h pasteurization by boiling and maturation. It serves as a source of alcohol for everyone in the region- the old and young, male and female, educated and uneducated.


Pito, another popular fermented alcoholic drink among the people in the Northern part of Nigeria is usually ties to Bururkutu as both are produced mainly from the grains of guinea corn (Sorghum vulgare and Sorghum bicolor), but Pito is a sweetened variant and bye-product of Burukutu as it is usually filtered off from the top, and Burukutu is the sediment that settles at the base of the brew mix and is usually heavier in concentration. Pito is lighter and more like the refined part of the brew. It is highly intoxicating, but relatively cheap and can be consumed anytime of the day-morning, afternoon and night.


Kunnu is a traditional non-alcoholic fermented beverage popular in the northern part of Nigeria where it originates. The beverage which is usually milky cream in appearance is a millet based food drink which is consumed within few hours of its production, mainly by people within the low and middle income workers who usually cannot afford industrially produced beverages like Coca-cola, Pepsi etc. The drink has two varieties: Kunu Zaki , when the main ingredient is millet and Kunu Gyada,when the main ingredient is groundnut, sometimes can be sprinkled with rice. Rich in protein and high in fiber and nourishing vitamins and minerals, it is a nation’s favorite

Omi wara

This Local Nigerian drink, Omi Wara, is one of the local drinks in the Northern part of Nigeria made from the water obtained from cheese.


A mauve colored cocktail that is not only tasty but refreshing as well, Zobo is a very popular drink consumed by people all over Nigeria. Also referred to as “Zoborodo”, it is made from the dried red calyces and sepals of the Roselle plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa), known as Zobo leaves in Nigeria. Other basic ingredients include garlic, ginger, pineapple, water and sometimes, honey, ginger, chilli flakes, orange, lemon and sugar syrup. The drink is loaded with lots of health benefits and is said to help reduce high blood pressure, aid digestion, and promote the health of the urinary tract


Nigeria’ version of Vodka, Ogogoro is a derivative from palm wine is very popular in the the country, and it is known and addressed with various names including ‘shekwe’,’ ishi enwe’, ufofob, robirobi, baba erin, etonto, wuru, Udi Ogagan,Agbakara ,Aka mere, Agbagba, Iced Water, Push Me, I Push You , ‘I for don marry’, 'Kai Kai', 'Sapele Water' and Craze man in the bottle. The drink is sometimes also derived from ripe plantain through some local distillery methods. With the active ingredient in Ogogoro being ethanol, very highly concentrated within the drink, the alcohol content of local ogogoro ranges between 30-60% and can be very dangerous when improperly prepared. Due to the rising number of deaths resulting from this local drink, the federal government of Nigeria has clamped down on its consumption in different parts of the country.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to Make Flying With a Baby Less Stressful

How to Make Flying With a Baby Less Stressful

If given the opportunity, quite a number of parents will not fly with their babies. This is because it can be very stressful, hectic, and nerve-wracking. A baby can start crying on board and this may be embarrassing for the parents. Regardless, you have no choice than to fly with your baby. If you are worried about flying with your baby, here are tips to make flying with your baby less stressful.

Pack smart

Packing smart can seriously help you to reduce stress when travelling with your baby. You should ensure that you pack your baby’s things in an exclusive bag for easy access. This will make it easier to get your preserved bottled breast milk and change diapers.

Bring a travel mate

You can also book a cheap flight ticket for a travel mate on Jumia Travel. Your travel mate or companion will either carry your luggage or take care of your baby. It is better than going alone.

Get the right plane seat

Getting the right seat is essential for you to travel with your baby. The best seat is a window seat. It offers you privacy to nurse your baby. Some people may frown at you breastfeeding your baby openly. So try as much as possible to get a window seat. You can talk to the attendants at the ticket counter.

Leave the big luggage behind

If you can, you should leave your big luggage at home especially if you are vacationing for a few days. With this, you don’t need to pay more for luggage, and you can focus on taking care of your baby on board. But if you need your luggage, you can ask your partner to send it to you. This will only cost a little extra.

Don’t forget baby toys

Babies love being engaged on board. One of the fun ways to do this is by giving them toys. This will keep them distracted and you can worry less about flying with your baby.

Friday, February 24, 2017

5 Spots to Meet 'the One in' Victoria Island

5 Spots to Meet 'the One in' Victoria Island

Victoria Island, possibly the most adulated area in all of Lagos state is an awesome destination. From its attractive scenery to the numerous fancy fun spots, it is hard to encounter boredom while visiting. Victoria Island is quite expensive however, and you have to work extra hard to be able to afford a place in the area, as such, most of its inhabitants work all the time and barely have time to go out and meet people or “the one”.

Spending time wandering Victoria Island’s many restaurants, bars, and fun spots solo, does not exactly sound like an idea of a good time. And again, having to resort to dating apps or sites to find a potential suitor with whom you can hang with is equally - if not less - appealing.

If you are in Victoria Island and having a hard time finding the right partner, here are some ideas on how and where to meet “the one”. Read on to discover…


Shoprite is the most popular shopping mall in the city with locations at key areas of the city and provides a surprising variety of opportunities to meet men and women. Single men and women in Lagos prefer a rush in to pick needed groceries after work, or in the morning on weekends. Chances are you'll find someone who lives in your neighborhood and likes the same favours you do. The good thing about Shoprite is that it is always located in a mall that offers the opportunity for instant mini-dates. If things are going well, you can say “Hey, listen, I feel like going to grab a sandwich at the food court, Come with me.” Instant dates change the dynamic as you get a chance to flirt, banter and get that number.

RCCG City of David

One of the most popular and populated churches on the Island, RCCG City of David is a good place to meet ‘the one’ who shares the same faith and moral ground. There is a higher chance of finding serious men and women who are looking for a life partner rather than a night out on the town. Also, not only do you get edified by the sermons but you can find that perfect someone perhaps sitting right next to you.

Federal Palace Hotel

Federal Palace Hotel, one of the high-end hotels in Lagos is a perfect place to meet the one. A lot of people swarm their restaurants for business meetings and just for a fancy meal. Whatever your reasons for being there, if you are searching for the one, seize every opportunity you get and get a waiter to introduce you to the man or woman sitting and having dinner all alone…or do it yourself. Either way, make a move.

Soul lounge

A bar typically may be one of the oldest ways to meet someone, but it still works. Soul lounge is not the trendiest bar in Victoria Island at the moment but, it definitely exudes a certain blend of sophistication and tranquility, and you rarely find skanky women in loud heels or snarky men in shiny shirts at the lounge. All you need to do is send a complimentary drink to a person of interest through a waiter or boldly walk over and strike a conversation. It could be the first of many conversations towards a happy ever after.

Mega Plaza

To be specific, the suya spot at the ground floor of Mega Plaza which basically offers the best Suya in Lagos. They have a signboard with an inscription that cracks you up but suggests to you that you stand a chance at meeting someone at the location. A stick of Suya is about N500. There is a variety to choose from: beef, chicken, livers and beef entrails. You could also order sharwarma and fresh juice from Sphinx while you are at it.

Shaunz Bar

Shaunz bar is an amazing spot for Karaoke, Live Band and Dance in VI. It’s popularity comes from the fact that it’s well equipped for a fun Karaoke night with quality speakers to TV screens all around down to a touch screen for your song inputs. One of the thrilling parts is that you can record your performance and take home with you on a CD. Even if you don't have it in you to take the stage, the drinks are cheap and the people watching ranges from "wow" to "that's hilarious" to "what a train wreck." No matter the level of talent however, the entertainment factor is epic. It is certainly a good spot to find the one…especially if you have a preference for someone who enjoys music.

Lagoon restaurant

This is a great place if you are looking to meet people from the upper middle class to high class. Located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island Lagos, the Lagoon restaurant features an outdoor space for revelers and food lovers who seek great cocktails, nice shisha, and palatable meals including Chinese, Indian or Lebanese cuisine, pizza and burgers.

7 Ways to Avoid Travel Rip-offs in Warri

7 ways to avoid travel rip-offs in Warri

The overall impression of Warri, a popular city in the southern part of Nigeria, is that it is the most aggressive city in Nigeria, as it is dangerous and crime ridden and its inhabitants are mostly belligerent. According to the Vanguard Newspaper, ‘…that the oil city of Warri, Delta State is perhaps the most hazardous metropolis in Southern Nigeria, is doubtless’. Some travel sites have even flagged the destination as a red zone as numerous travelers have complained and narrated cases of robbery and rip-offs.

While the city might indeed have some security issues, it certainly is a wonderful place to visit and explore as it offers business opportunities as well as many sights for tourists, including the Delta Ports, Nana Living History Museum and Red Mangrove swamp. If you find you have to visit this destination and you are worried about being a victim of any of the many travel risks elaborated all over the internet, below are seven helpful ways to avoid travel rip-offs while visiting Warri.

1. Ensure you have pre-arranged airport pick-up

The airport is usually crammed with taxi cabs looking to drive you from the airport to your destination. The cabs, usually, are not metered and the taxi drivers charge you on their discretion. Most of them charge exorbitant prices if they look at you and feel you have no clue as to what the rates should be or you are dressed expensively. Again, some of the cab drivers are peddlers who pose as cab guys, and many people have been duped of money and belonging in this fashion. Always make arrangements for pickup before you arrive; there are a number of cab companies you can patronize online and most hotels will have their own cab services to offer. Alternatively, you can avoid being ripped off at the airport by taking public transport or asking a friend or family member for a ride.

2. Do not indulge helpers at the airport

Usually, when you arrive at the airport, a lot of people rush to offer some form of assistance either to carry your luggage or assist you with information. Most times, their offers are exceedingly cheap or enticing. Beware of these ‘helpers’ as they could be culprits looking to rip you off. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, exchange all your money, if you need to, within the airport as there is a higher chance of being conned outside the airport.

3. Lookout for tourist trap restaurants

While visiting the city, you certainly will have certain iconic tourist destination in mind that you want to visit. If you are visiting a restaurant or attraction that has an online presence, try your best to Google it to see what the locals or past visitors have had to say about it. Again, you can check to see if there are coupons or discounts that could benefit you such as getting free breakfast or 15% off the total bill for doing a review on the hotel or restaurants, etc. Generally, the reviews will let you know if visiting the location would be a good idea or you would just be wasting your money.

Aerial view of Warri

4. Avoid Organized Tours

There are a number of fantastic tourist destinations in Warri and nearly every tourist agent or site will offer some sort of packages that bundle in several sites to be seen for a fee. These tours may not seem like a bad deal but a lot of times, they actually are. Many of the sites will have free entry but by paying for the ‘package deal’, you have now paid to get in. Again, while it may seem like these organized tours are providing you with cheap transport to these different tourist locations, a little research would reveal that transporting yourself is a cheaper option and might even be much more comfortable.

5. Do not show off money and expensive jewelry

Showing off money and expensive jewelry makes you a target for rip-off basically as it presents you as someone who has more than he/she needs. Any vendor who eyeballs you counting large sums of money or wearing very expensive jewelry will automatically offer their items or services at exaggerated prices. Unless you are a celebrity who has an assistant running errands for you, try your best to stay conservative.

6. Review all bills carefully

Most visitors to Warri often make the mistake of failing to go over their bills, especially the restaurant, and hotel bills when they get it, and they end up paying for a lot of stuff that they did not use or buy. Look through and ensure you remain accountable and not swindled in any form. In a case where you have reviewed the bill and found mistakes, though, ensure that you politely ask the staff to fix it. A polite request will go much further than an aggressive accusation in Warri.

7. Be mindful of the hotel Wi-Fi

Most hotels in Warri do not come with complimentary Wifi, so you find that most hotels charge as much as NGN500 to NGN2000 per day for in-room Wi-Fi. These rates are a little pricey, considering you can easily just set up your own personal hotspot on your smartphone and use your cellular service to access Wi-Fi on other non-cellular devices. Doing this reduces the chance of you being ripped off in any way.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Survive a Trip to Lagos on Less Than $10 a Day

How to Survive a Trip to Lagos on Less Than $10 a Day

Lagos offers a unique charm with diverse sites, bustling districts and an eclectic blend of modern conveniences surrounded by local traditions. As such, the standard of living is relatively high and inhabitants are forced to cough out a lot of cash for basic expenditures.

Seeing as the city is considered one the most expensive in the country, most low-budget travelers tend to stay away. However, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has tips on how to survive a trip to Lagos on less than $10 (about NGN 4,000) a day.

Choose location wisely

While Lagos is expensive, there are areas within the city that are affordable as regards hotels, transportation and shopping. Find out those low-brow areas and plan your trip around there. No matter how distant the location might be from the tourist sites you may want to visit or the business program you are attending is, you can always find a way around as long as you drat a plan. Also, a number of hostels, inns and even hotels in these areas are relatively cheap and below the average Lagos price range. Some of these areas include Epe, Festac etc.

Have a plan for expenses

A traveler to Lagos can achieve much and still survive under $10 a day. Create a schedule that organizes you expenses, from feeding to transportation and even shopping, as that is the easiest way to curb excessive spending and remain within budget. A plan ensures that you know how much you need to spend, where and how. Note that it is important you keep your plan feasible and realistic and most of all stick to it.

Alternative housing options

Aside from hotels and inns, there are other housing options. You can decide to camp in a certain free zone or location if you are adventurous, stay with a friend or even a hospitable local family , or you can request for accommodation from churches, religious centers or NGOs who have programs that allow for free accommodation. Whichever option you chose, you end up cutting out the expenses that come with housing and you just have $10 for feeding and transportation basically per day.

Lagos street food

Live on Street food

There is an abundance of street food around Lagos. From fried yam, plantain and potatoes to puff-puff, roasted yam and other delicacies, there is a wide range of choices for the traveler and the good thing is that these choices are not just very filling but are very affordable. Living on street food does not deprive you of balanced meal as there are enough choices to constitute a healthy meal on a very low budget.

Traffic transportation Lagos, Nigeria

Use Public Transportation

Stay away from taxi cabs or transport charters. Stick with the Danfo buses, keke-na-peps and Moluwes. They are not only affordable, but they will also give you an opportunity to experience the city in unique ways that will leave lasting fond memories.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Obudu Resort: The Place Where the Sky Kisses the Earth

Obudu Resort: The Place Where The Sky Kisses The Earth

Who is surprised that one of the best resort in Nigeria is located in Calabar? You should not be. This is because Calabar in South-South Nigeria is a well-known tourist hub frequented by fun seekers from within and outside the country. To further put this in perspective, the capital City of Cross River host the Calabar Carnival, which is known as Africa’s biggest street party. But this is by the way.

Obudu Resort is one of the most pleasant and complimenting places to getaway and has an unforgettable time in Nigeria. In fact, you don’t need to travel out to Dubai, Paris, London, Milan or New York for your vacation. Obudu Resort is your best bet for an amazing break or holiday to detox.

Jumia Travel, the online booking agency spoke with Noel Ubong, a manager at the Obudu Resort who told us more about the resort.


Ubong said: “Obudu Ranch Mountain Resort, Obudu Resort for short is a plateau of sort situated in Obanliku Local Government area of Cross River State. The Resort is comprised of 22 rolling hills with near flat tops and has a land mass of 340 square kilometers. With a temperate weather, the Resort enjoys one of the most pleasant climatic conditions in Africa, with an average temperature of 11c.

“Obudu Resort was discovered in 1949 by a Scottish Ranger/Adventurer, Mr. Mac Caughley who in the course of tracing the Southern Highlands from Enugu stumbled on this mesmerizing mountain range. He left back and return with a Veterinary Doctor, Mark Hughes, and Rtd Major Cranfield. They settled here a while and Cranfield realized the economic and tourism potential of the Resort and started an integrated farm. Cranfield got a lease on the Resort from the then Colonial authority and developed it into a full Ranch, thus the name Obudu Cattle Ranch. The Obudu Resort is owned by the Cross River State Government.” He concluded.


Ubong again: “Besides the over 150 rooms, the Resort boasts of an ultra modern international conference center, a spa, a gym, a games house, and Kiddies play zone.

Other exciting attractions according to Ubong includes,

The Cable Car which is the longest passenger Cable Car in the world. The cable cars run on a cable which has the carrying capacity of 6 people. You will get a panoramic and picturesque view of the resort from the Cable Car. It is wonderful and remarkable.

Obudu Resort cable car

The Waterpark comprised of the sports pool, the fun pool, and the kiddies pool. The Fun Pool has heightened Slides (long snaky slide and short slide). The Waterpark is sandwiched by scenic mountains and overlaid by a beautiful Love Garden. A cascading rocky stream adds so much fascination to the Park. Also, there's the Grotto. This is a twin Waterfalls that empties into a natural swimming pool.

The Holy Mountain is another thrill Obudu offers. This ancestral worship place and historic bunker have the most volatile temperature in the Resort. Generally, it adds to why Obudu Resort is described as the place where the sky kisses the earth.

The Becheve Nature Reserve and Canopy Walkway is an Urban Park of some sort. It is home to rich and rare fauna and flora. This Reserve is a must see. The Canopy Walkway is a 60 Km walkway that provides a volatile mixture of fear and excitement.

The Resort also has a Dairy Farm, Honey Factory and Vegetable Farm where carrots, grapes, cabbage, lettuce etc are grown.

Ubong rounded up the chat stating that the ranch has about 4 restaurants that offer both local and continental foods and drinks. He concluded that you can book the resort on Jumia Travel.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Behaviours to Avoid When Traveling in Some Parts of Northern Nigeria

Behaviours to Avoid When Traveling in Some Parts of Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is like an umbrella sheltering different cultures, religions, traditions, and values. This is why there is a cultural difference between Southern and Northern Nigeria. What is acceptable in the South may be outrightly offensive North. You can describe it as a liberal south and conservative north. Hence, when you are junketing especially around Northern Nigeria, you should be very conscious of what you do because it may unpleasant to the people. We have identified some of these behaviours. You should not ignore these tips if you find yourself in the North to prevent any unpalatable backlashes.

Public display of affection

Cuddling, holding hands and other forms of public display of affection is nauseating to many in the North. If you are so bent on showing off your romantic prowess, you should wait till you return to the hotel you booked.

Engage in religious disagreement

Religion is a sensitive issue in some parts of Northern Nigeria. So, if you are a Muslim. Christian or traditionalist from any other parts of Nigeria or a tourist, you should sidestep any religious discussion or argument. It is better you just enjoy your stay and keep your religious convictions to yourself.

Not covering your hair

As a lady traveling to the North, you already have a dress code. It doesn’t mean you adopt that type of dressing. But the least you can do is to never to leave your hair open. Always cover it even if you don’t like it. And, don’t display sensitive features of your body.

Mingling with women

Culturally and religiously, men are not allowed to mingle with women in Northern Nigeria. So, as a man, you should not be found amidst women no matter how essential your message or encounter may be.

Eating publicly during fasting

You will observe that many of these behaviours or actions are hinged on religion. This is because Islam is the major religion in the North and things they do are dictated by Islam. So, if you are a non-believer in Islam, you should not eat in public especially during fasting. Try as much as possible to eat your food in your room.

Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Ways to Stay Awake During Long Haul Drives

5 Ways to Stay Awake During Long Haul Drives

You must have heard road mishaps that happened because the driver slept off while driving. These calamities usually happen after only a few seconds winks. There are other circumstances whereby, the driver sleeps briefly in traffic only to be woken up by the irrational honking of fellow road users. Not to worry. You can successfully drive to anywhere and still stay awake if you apply these tricks. This will help you stay safe behind the wheels.

Make regular stops

You should make frequent stops during a long drive to stretch your legs whether you are alone in the car or not. This stops will keep you more alert when you restart your trip. Importantly, be mindful of where you stop. It is better to stop at fueling stations or restaurants.

Avoid driving after midnight

If you are still behind the wheels after midnight, it is advisable you temporarily halt the trip and lodge in a hotel. Normally, our body is built to sleep around that time. So, to avoid any accident, just search for a hotel near you and pass the night there.

How to Stay Awake During Long Haul Drives

Drive with a friend

This is perhaps the best way to stay awake during any drive. This is because you can chat with your friend. And your friend can also take your place whenever you are tired.

Chew gum and let the music play

Chewing gum and music can help you keep your eyes on the road. So, do not hesitate to buy gum and play your favourite music. It doesn’t have to be music. But at least something should be playing in your car to distract you.

Don’t drink alcohol

Many drivers think that drinking alcohol will make them very alert behind the wheels. Yes, you may be alert but you be overly aggressive and drive recklessly. By the way, drivers driving under the influence of alcohol should not be allowed near a car. This could cost him his life.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Top 6 Annual Festivals in Nigeria

Italy and Brazil may be known as the flagship countries that popularized festivals all over the world, but with time, other countries and societies, including Nigeria are now rising up and boosting their local festivals so much that they now even stand a chance at competing with the later festival giants. While Festivals are not new to Nigeria, in recent time, some major festivals are now popularized so much that tourists from around the world visit the country annually for the events.

From the Eyo Festival to the different city carnivals, there is a variety of events and festivals that celebrate either religious history, music, art indigenous folklore or Nigeria’s cultural heritage, most of them featuring local music, costumes, parades, dancing, alcohol, and food. Below are the top 5 of these festivals that are held annually across the nation.

Top 6 Annual Festivals in NigeriaUgie dance
Igue festival chief danceChieftaincy title holders dance during Igue Festival

1. The Igue Festival

The Igue festival is the biggest and most flamboyant of all the festivals celebrated by the Oba and people of Benin Kingdom in Edo State. It is celebrated every december by every reigning Oba and his subjects to mark the end of the Bini's year and as a thanksgiving to the outgoing one. It is normally celebrated with a lot of pomp and pageantry during the first half of the month of December (first fourteen days of the month) of every year.

During the celebration of the Igue festival, it is forbidden to hold any burial or funeral ceremonies in Benin kingdom. This is because Igue is seen as a period of joy, and should not be interrupted with any form of public mourning.

The Igue festival, which is a period of offering thanks to the gods for sparing their lives and to ask for blessings, is also used for offering sacrifices to some deities in the palace. During this period, chieftaincy title holders display their Eben emblem in the Ugie dance as they appear in their attire, according to the type of dress the Oba bestowed on individual chiefs during the conferment of title, while the Oba seats majestically in the royal chamber (Ogi- Ukpo). The Igue festival is also a period to drive away evil spirits (Ubi) and bring blessings (Ewere) to every home in the kingdom.

Durbar Festival

2. Durbar Festival

The most ancient and prominent festival in the northern regions of Nigeria, the Durbar festival is popular in Maiduguri, Kano, Katsina and Zaria. Originally intended to mark the advent of a war between ancient kingdoms or regarded as a form of military parade to the emirs and their councils to showcase the fighters who defended the territories, the festival is now performed and considered a ceremonial parade. The parades are filed with aesthetics, colors and it serves to reveal the loyalty of the paraders to the emir as well as reveals their strength and readiness for war. The ceremony is major part of the Id el Kabir celebrations as well as the Id el Fitri marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan and it attracts visitors and tourists year after year.

Eyo Festival

3. Eyo Festival

A regional festival that is unique to the city of Lagos, Eyo festival stems from ancient Yoruba history and is speculated to be the inspiration for the modern day Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil. The festival features a major parade with participants dressed in while flowing robes that cover their entire body, top hats and sticks; and masquerades referred to as “Eyo” as well as costumed dancers. One of the major objectives of the festival is to pay homage to the Oba of Lagos as well as. The 24-day event sweeps through the entire city with focus on the Lagos Island and attracts a large number of tourists from around the world.

Osun-Oshogbo Festival

4. Osun-Oshogbo Festival

A highly cultural and spiritual festival held annually in Osun State, the Osun-Oshogbo festival is held between the months of July and August and sees thousands of Osun worshippers, observers as well as tourists from all over the world who come to join in on the festivities. Celebrated at the Sacred Osun grove in honour of the river goddess, Oshun of Osun State, the event spans for two weeks. The first stage features the ‘Iwopopo’ - a traditional cleansing of the land- at the initial stage, ‘Ina Olojumerindinlogun’ - the lighting of the 500-year-old sixteen-point lamp- three days later and finally the ‘Ibroriade’, an assemblage of the crowns of past rulers, and a committee of priestesses. While the colorful parades and parties across the city suggest light-hearted merriment, the Festival is a strong aspect of the Oshogbo culture.

Argungu Fishing FestivalArgungu Fishing Festival
Argungu Fishing Festival prize winnerWeighing the fishes caught to determine the Festival Winner

5. Argungu Fishing Festival

With an origin traced to the visit of the late Sultan Dan Mu’azu in 1934 who was honored with an akin festival, the Argungu fishing festival has been around for quite some time. The festival, widely popular in Kebbi and Sokoto state areas, is a competitive feast that aims to weigh the fishing skills of the locals. It is usually celebrated between the months of February and March and also marks the end of a farming season. As music, drums and dance envelops the air, anxious participants try to outdo each other in a bid to gain the biggest catch. Other activities, including swimming competitions, bare-hand fishing, canoe racing and wild duck hunting serve as side attractions. At the end of the festival, the winner is hugely celebrated, there is merriment across the towns and the river is sheltered to ensure it yields fishes for the next festival.

The New Yam Festival

6. The New Yam Festival

An extremely popular festival that everyone indigenous to the south-eastern regions of Nigeria look forward to very year, The New Yam Festival is locally referred to as Iriji-Mmanwu,Iwa ji, Iri ji or Ike ji, by the Igbo speaking areas in the region. Ripe with masquerades, colorful costumes, cultural dances and displays, the event symbolizes the end of a harvest and the commencement of the next work cycle. The celebration is a highly cultural occasion and unifies the different Igbo communities together as they are essentially agrarian and dependent on yam.